I had a chance to take a (too) short trip to the City of Sète, France. Located on the French Mediterranean coast in the Occitanie region, Sète is host to a large industrial and commercial fishing port as well as home to hundreds of pleasure boats. It was a very dynamic mix of fantastic street art, and interesting museums. With direct TGV trains, it was an easy getaway from Paris.

A view of the Canal de la Peyrade from the Pont de Pierre. We were there in the winter, but I imagine that the canal must look like a highway during the warm summer months.

One of the many pieces of street art that are part of the the Open Air Musem (Musée à Ciel Ouvert or MACO). You can get maps showing the locations of the different pictures online or in the Tourism office. Or you can just wander the city and be amazed as you find yet another masterpiece.

Two buildings along the Quai General Durand. The buildings are not particularly noteworthy, I just liked the contrast between the colors of the buildings and the bright blue sky.
This photo gives a good sense of how large the commercial port of Sète really is. The walk to the top of the hill takes some work, but the views are definitely worth it!
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