One thing I love about travel is that every trip provides the opportunity to see or do something unexpected and interesting. The things that stick in my mind years later are not usually the “must see” attractions, but the small things that I come upon by happenstance. We decided to take a round-about route to the Larnaca airport in Cyprus and were completely surprised and charmed by the mountain village of Lefkara.
Lefkara is a small village of about 1100 people about 40 kilometers from the Larnaca airport. It is set in the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains and is well known for its lace and silver. Leonardo da Vinci reportedly visited the village in the late 1400s and purchased a large embroidered sheet which he gave to the main cathedral in Milan. It is a common destination for tour groups who visit the stores and restaurants along its main street. Walking just a few meters past the main street I found an utterly charming warren of narrow cobblestone streets going past beautiful stone buildings constructed on the side of the hill. There were stairs winding between the buildings and streets barely wide enough for a single car to pass down.
Most of the buildings in the village are unpainted stone, but some are adorned with colorful doors or windows. When you look at some buildings you can see traces of blue paint clinging to the stonework.
If you have a chance to visit Cyprus I would really recommend taking some time and exploring Lefkara or other small villages in the mountains to make your own discoveries.
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